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Many Unisa students come looking here for previous exam papers and answers. This site, since its creation in 2003, has never had any past year papers for download. The reason: Unisa's question papers are copyright so it is illegal to upload their study material without their permission. Here is an example of a site that Unisa pulled down after they discovered it was hosting Unisa exam papers.

On WikiStudent you are welcome to write about your exams, in your own words. Each module page has an exam section where editors can say what they thought of a particular exam, the layout, what questions were asked, etc. You can also vote on the exam polls and see how your results compare to those of other students. Email if you would like to join WikiStudent to write about your Unisa modules and exams.

Note: If you are not an editor for WikiStudent, but would like to give information about what an exam was like, email with the module code and everything you could remember after writing the exam. An editor will add the information you provide to the wiki.

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