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I completed the National Certificate in Datametrics in 2008.

Currently I am continuing with a degree in BSc Computer Science, the Computational Intelligence stream.

My Unisa modules

Datametrics (02402)

  • COS111U (Introduction to programming 1, C++)
  • COS112V (Introduction to programming 2, C++)
  • COS113W (Computer systems: fundamental concepts)
  • MAT111N (Precalculus Mathematics)
  • MAT112P (Calculus A)
  • COS101S (Theoretical computer science 1)
  • COS211X (Programming: Data Structures using C++)
  • COS2144 (Programming: contemporary concepts using Java)
  • COS261C (Formal logic 2)
  • COS3114 (Advanced programming using C++)

Computational Intelligence (02089)


  • LIN3705 (Text structure and function)
  • COS3701 (Theoretical computer science III)
  • INF320E (Human-computer interaction II)
  • COS3751 (Techniques of Artificial intelligence)
  • COS3761 (Formal logic III, previously named COS361F)


  • PYC3703 (Cognition: thinking, memory and problem solving)
  • EUP1501 (End-user computing)

Any 2 of the following:

  • COS3712 (Computer graphics)
  • MAT3707 (Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics)
  • INF3703 (Principles of Databases)

Wiki work

More about me

My technology pursuits thus far have consistently been steered towards non-mainstream projects. Some people I know claim that this is a pathological desire to be different. That is nonsense, they are obviously just blinded by conformity.

After Linux (and the BSD's to an extent) went mainstream, I became interested in software development. I also realized that it was a mistake not to have studied after school. This drove me into my current predicament: balancing work-related technology passions, study-related interests, husbandly adventures and my love for mountains and wind.

Currently I work as a software developer for a smallish financial services company in Centurion, Pretoria. We mostly use Smalltalk, with a fair amount of Python added to the mix.

My current interests include functional programming and (surprisingly) the mathematical and theoretical principles behind Computer Science.

Life online

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GitHub @apauley LinkedIn

Module Graph

I created this graph of my module requirements to see if I can get a clear overview of what still needs to be done.

The graphviz source can be found here:


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