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Family law


The Unisa syllabus

Marriage Law

  1. The legal requirements for a civil marriage
  2. Void, Voidable and putative civil marriages
  3. The invariable consequences of civil marriage

Matrimonial Private Law

  1. The variable consequences of civil marriage - marriage in community of property
  2. The variable consequences of civil marriage - marriage out of community of property
  3. Alteration of the matrimonial property system

Dissolution of a civil marriage

  1. Dissolution of a civil marriage - general and dissolution by death
  2. The grounds for divorce
  3. Patrimonial consequences of divorce - general
  4. Forfeiture of patrimonial benefits
  5. Redistribution of assests
  6. Maintenance of a spouse after divorce
  7. The interests of the children of divorcing parents

Civil Unions

  1. Civil Unions

Customary Marriages

  1. Customary Marriages

Muslim and Hindu Marriages

  1. Muslim and Hindu Marriages

Life Partnerships

  1. Life Partnerships

The responsibilities and rights of parents and children

  1. Children's Rights
  2. Parental responsibilities and rights
  3. The duty of support in respect of a child

The PVL2601 textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 9780409020793
Title: Casebook on South African Family Law/Vonnisbundel Oor Die Suid-Afrikaanse Familiereg
Authors: Heaton, D.S.P. Cronje
Edition: 1st
Publisher: LexisNexis South Africa
Year published: 2007
Year prescribed: 2010

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