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Law of persons


The Unisa syllabus

4. The beginning of Legal Personality.
5. The Interests of the Unborn Child (nasciturus).
6. The End of Legal Personality.

PART 3: Factors determining Status
8. Status - definition of Concepts.
9. Domicile.
10. Children Born of Unmarried Parents.
11. The Status and Change in Status of Children Born of Unmarried Parents.
12. Minority - Introduction.
13. The Legal Status of an Infans.
14. The Legal Status of a Minor - general principles.
15. The Minor's Contractual Capacity.
16. The Minor's Contractual Capacity - misrepresentation.
17. The Minor's Contractual Capacity - unjustified enrichment.
18. The Minor's Contractual Capacity - restitutio in integrum.
19. The Minor's Capacity in respect of other types of Juristic Acts.
20. Attainment of the Prescribed Age,marriage,venia aetatis, release from tutelage.
21. Emancipation.
22. Diverse Factors which Affect Status.

The PVL1501 textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 9780409035131
Title: South African Law of Persons/Die Suid-Afrikaanse Personereg]
Author: Heaton J
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: LexisNexis South Africa
Year published: 2008
Year prescribed: 2011

ISBN 9780409035087
Title: Casebook on the South African Law of Persons/vonnisbundel Oor Die Suid Afrikaanse Personereg
Author: Heaton J
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: LexisNexis South Africa
Year published: 2009
Year prescribed: 2011

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Andrew Unit 1 2006 Unit 1: The law of persons, introduction
Andrew Unit 2 2006 Unit 2: The beginning of legal personality
Andrew Unit 3 2006 Unit 3: The interests of the unborn child
Andrew Unit 4 2006 Unit 4: The end of legal personality
Andrew Unit 5 2006 Unit 5: Status
Andrew Unit 6 2006 Unit 6: Domicile
Philip Case Summaries 2011 2011 Summaries of the prescribed cases from the casebook

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