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Business management 1B


The Unisa syllabus

Operations Management

  1. The operations managements function
  2. Operations managements: activites, techniques and methods

The Human Resource Function

  1. Meeting human resource requirements and developing effectivness in HR
  2. Motivating employees

The Marketing Function

  1. The marketing process
  2. The marketing instruments

Financial Management

  1. The financial function and financial management
  2. Asset management: the investment decision
  3. Financing decisions

The purchasing and supply function

  1. Purchasing and supply management
  2. Sourcing activities

The MNB1601 textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 9780195766882
Title: Introduction To Business Management
Author: J. Strydom
Edition: 7th
Publisher: Oxford Institute Press
Year published: 2007
Year prescribed: 2010

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