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Business management 1A


The Unisa syllabus

The MNB1501 textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 9780195766882
Title: Introduction To Business Management
Author: J. Strydom
Edition: 7th
Publisher: Oxford Institute Press
Year published: 2007
Year prescribed: 2010

Recommended reading

The MNB1501 exam

Past exam papers

The exam in Oct/Nov 2011

There were 70 multiple choice questions.

Material that was covered in the exam

The questions were very similar to the questions in the assignments as well as those in the MyUnisa question bank PDF, self-assessments and past exam papers. In many cases, those identical questions were used with just a few details like names changed.

Material that was not covered

Any of the case studies from the text book.

Other comments

Question 59 contained an error in that two of the multiple choice options were identical - both said "expert".

In another question, there was a case study about the food company Kraft and it contained a typo with the word "reinvent" wrongly used instead of "reinvest".

Several of the questions involved lengthy case studies followed by questions. However, the questions often didn't relate to the details given in the case study - they were simply standalone questions with the lengthy case study text acting as a distraction or red herring.

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