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WikiStudent accounts

Creating a user account on WikiStudent

Editing your user profile page

Links to your WikiStudent profile appear at the bottom of each page you edit, as well as on discussion pages and in the revision history. To tell readers more about the person behind your edits, you can edit your profile page.

Unisa module pages

Creating a new Unisa module

Most of the popular Unisa modules already have pages on the wiki. If a module code you search for is not up here and you would like to add content for it, you first of all need to create the page, which involves inserting the module template, categorising the subject, creating redirect pages, etc. Follow these detailed guidelines for creating a new module page, to be consistent with the way the other pages were created.

Editing an existing Unisa module

If you would like to add or update content on any of the Unisa module pages, first read up on how to edit a module page.

Renaming a Unisa module

Sometimes Unisa module codes change. Whenever this happens, the module page on the wiki needs to be renamed, or 'moved'. Here are instructions for renaming a module page.

Study notes pages

Creating new study notes

Editing existing study notes

Quiz pages

Creating a new quiz

Editing an existing quiz

General editing help

For the MediaWiki syntax to use to achieve the desired text formatting, see the general editing help.

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