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Origins of South African law


Origins of South African Law, is a compulsory module for your LLB studies. In this module you will learn about various historical events and people who contributed to the development of South African law as it is known today.The module covers both internal and external legal history and development

The Unisa syllabus

  • General Introduction
  • African Component
  • Western Component: origins of the Western legal tradition
  • Western Component: the survival of Roman Law in the West during the early middle ages
  • Roman law and canon law in the late Middle Ages (12th century – end of the 15th century)
  • Legal development in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries
  • Roman-Dutch law before codification
  • The development of the South African legal system before the 1990s
  • The history of human rights in South Africa

The FLS1501 textbook

Prescribed textbook

The book is supplied by Unisa (2011)

Title:The Origins of South African Law
Authors:Prof. GJ van Niekerk, L Wildenboer
Year published:
Year prescribed:

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Study tips

The best way in which to study this module is by way of summaries. The textbook, supplied by Unisa (2011) is set out well, but summaries would make studying easier, especially if you summarize the textbook in chronological order, by way of a timeline or time diagram. Time lines are provided in the textbook, but it only gives a general overview.

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