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Financial accounting for companies

The purpose of this module is to introduce students to financial accounting for companies to enable them to prepare the annual financial statements of these entities in accordance with the relevant statutory requirements and applying and incorporating the principles of selected Generally Accepted Accounting Standards to these statements.

The Unisa syllabus

The FAC2601 textbook

Prescribed textbook

Title: Introduction to IFRS
Author: Vorster el al
Edition: Latest Edition
Publisher: Durban: LexisNexis
Year published:
Year prescribed: 2011

Recommended reading

The FAC2601 exam

Past exam papers

The exam in Oct/Nov 2009

How to pass FAC2601

=The study programme is based on the following assumptions:

That study will commence on 11 July for the second semester and that the course should be completed timeously leaving sufficient time for revision

That you should study more or less 8 hours per week per module()FAC2601). We are of the opinion that this is within your reach

Please note: Assignments constitute an integral part of the tutorial matter. Assignment and tutorial letters must also be studied for the examination purposes.

NB!! Assignment due dates for the second semester:

Assignment no.1 : Format: Multiple Choice Compulsory/Non-Compulsory: Compulsory Unique Number: 215908 Due Date: 22/08/2011 Mark Reading Sheet: 5%

Assignment no.2 : Format: Multiple Choice Compulsory/Non-Compulsory: Compulsory Unique Number: 213112 Due Date: 19/09/2011 Mark Reading Sheet: 5%

Assignment 3 NB! (Non Compulsory) No Marks will be awarded! Format: Long questions Non Compulsory Due Date: 03/10/2011

NB!! Exam Format: Long Questions Compulsory/Non-Compulsory: Compulsory Unique number:_ Due Date: See exam time table Mark Reading Sheet: 90%

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You may contact your lectures in the following ways:

Mr G J Steyn By telephone: (012) 429 4343 Room 4-53, AJH vd Walt Building

Miss C S Grondt By telephone: (012) 429 4931 Room 4-78, AJH vd Walt Building

Mr C Mkefa By telephone: (012) 429 4843 Room 4-68, AJH vd Walt Building

Email address from Semester 2

For administrative assistance please contact

Mrs D Kruger By telephone (012) 429 4596 Room 4-71, AJH vd Walt Building

Department of Financial Accounting Fax Number: (012) 429 3424 University of South Africa P O Box 392 UNISA 0003

Please ensure that your return addresses/numbers are included in your enquires Always have your student number at hand when contacting the University.

All queries that are not of a purely administrative nature but are about the content of this module should be directed to the lectures. Please have your study material with you when you contact the lectures.

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Student opinions

Student survey

Pros of FAC2601

Cons of FAC2601

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