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End-user computing


EUP1501 is the module that deals with the ICDL certification. This certification is probably the easiest to score high marks in if you are familiar with computer general operations or if you had completed some form of computer studies in the past

The Unisa syllabus

  1. Basic concepts of IT
    1. Identify parts of the Computer
    2. Identify types of Computers
    3. Hardware and Software
    4. Networks and their components
    5. Security, Copyrights and privacy issues
  2. Using the computer and managing files
    1. Understand the basic concepts of files, folders and disks
    2. Managing a filling system using Windows XP
    3. Customizing the Computer e.g. backgrounds,screensavers and Appearances
    4. Use WordPad to create, save and print a file
    5. Copy and paste between different applications
  3. Word processing
    1. Using MS Word
    2. Create and edit documents
    3. Copy and move text
    4. Formatting of Documents
    5. Tables
    6. Mail Merge
  4. Spreadsheets
    1. Using MS Excel
    2. Create and edit a Spreadsheet
    3. Copy and move text
    4. Formatting of spreadsheets
    5. Formulas and Functions
    6. Charts
  5. Databases / filing systems
    1. Using MS Access
    2. Database Fundamentals
    3. Create Tables
    4. Create a Basic Form
    5. Create and Manage Queries and Reports
  6. Presentations
    1. Using MS PowerPoint
    2. Create and Edit slides
    3. Work with Templates, Slide Master and Colour Schemes
    4. Inserting Tables, Charts and Organizational Charts
    5. Create and run a Slide Show
  7. Information & communication
    1. Using MS Internet Explorer
    2. Search Techniques
    3. Retrieving Information from the internet.
    4. Downloading Programs from the internet
    5. Create and manage E-Mail Messages
    6. Attaching files to an E-Mail Message.
    7. Managing the Address Book

The EUP1501 textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 978-1920203368
Title: ICDL Office 2007 Courseware: Syllabus 5 (Xplore series)
Author:Edited by David Vodhi
Edition: 1st edition (2008)
Publisher: Future Managers
Year published: 2008
Year prescribed: 2008

Recommended reading

The EUP1501 exam

Past exam papers

The exams in 2002

The seven exams were very easy. For the MS Word exam we had to be able to do basic things such as underline words, make them bold, etc. and there was nothing as complicated as a mail merge.

How to pass EUP1501

Study tips

Useful links

Study notes

Download notes

AuthorDownload linkYear createdDescription
Bronwen Unit 5: MS Access 2002 Notes covering the database section of the ICDL exams.

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Student opinions

Student survey

Pros of EUP1501

  • This must be the eaiest Unisa module there is. Even if you're not that into computers, you'll find that you have a lot of the general knowledge that this module leaches, and will do well in the exams.

Cons of EUP1501

  • The pass mark for most of the ICDL exam units is 80%, so you need to know your work!
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