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Child development


The development of the young child is an in-depth look at the growth process of children; from birth until 9 years of age.The course explores the development of the child from these perspectives: cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

EDT101G has no prerequisites.

The Unisa syllabus

  1. The development of the child from birth to the age of nine
  2. The young child’s language and speech development
  3. The young child’s acquisition of an identity
  4. Children’s play
  5. The characteristics of giftedness in the young child
  6. School readiness
  7. Discipline as part of education
  8. The task of the pre-primary teacher
  9. The immigrant child
  10. The religious becoming of the young child

The EDT101G textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 9780627027741
Title: The Young Child in Context. A Thematic Approach: Perspectives from Educational Psychology and Sociopedagogics.
Author: Marike De Witt
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Van Schaik
Year published: 2009
Year prescribed: 2009

Recommended reading

The EDT101G exam

Past exam papers

The exam in Oct/Nov 2010

The exam in May/June 2009 The exam was broken down into 4 sections (25 marks each), each section consisted of 3 questions with different mark allocations. Students were required to discuss and list the factors of various topics covered in the course material. The one question required an article for parents on school readiness. Despite the lecturer emphasising the importance of studying ‘The immigrant child’ no questions were asked relating to this topic.

How to pass EDT101G

Study tips

The course carries a great deal of theoretical detail about children. Creating brief summaries of concepts, in the form of tables and diagrams, makes it easier not to ‘get lost’ in all the theory. Observing children in this stage of their lives also makes it easier to absorb the content of the module.

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Study notes

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Student opinions

Student survey

Pros of EDT101G

One gains great insight on the growth process of children which is essential for primary school teachers and useful for high school teachers.

Cons of EDT101G

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