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Introduction to programming 1


The main objective of COS1511 is to provide a introduction to programming for students with very limited computer experience. The module introduces the students to C++, the main language UNISA uses for teaching. Although C++ is a object-oriented programming language, object-orientation will not be discussed in this module. The intention is rather to provide a solid foundation for the more complex aspects of C++.

The Unisa syllabus

  1. Start to program
  2. Controlling execution
    If, For and While loops
    Nested loops
  3. Functions
    Local and global variables
    Void function
    Reference parameters
  4. Data structures
    String manipulation

The COS1511 textbook

Prescribed textbook

There is no prescribed textbook for this module.

Recommended reading

The COS1511 exam

Past exam papers

The exam in Oct/Nov 2009

The exam in Oct/Nov 2004

This exam started off with 10 multiple-choice questions. Then we had to write short C++ programs. One of the easy (14-mark) programs was about writing a function that removes all occurrences of the substring "es" from a given sentence.

The exam in Oct/Nov 2002

Most of the questions required us to write short programs, unlike the 2002 exam for COS114X which had more theory. The pass rate for this module the previous year was 70%, which is pretty high.

How to pass COS1511

Study tips

  • Programming is a subject where you need to sit in front of the computer and painstakingly work through examples and exercises. Even though the exams are written, you will not learn how to program by just reading the book.

Useful links

Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel - This is a freely downloadable version of the book. The printed version typically sells for just over R500-00. This is probably one of the best C++ text books around and covers everything needed for this course

Study notes

Download notes

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Student opinions

Student survey

Pros of COS1511

Cons of COS1511

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