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Computer Aided Draughting


This course is an introduction to Computer Aided Draughting using Autodesk's AutoCAD software. You will learn how to design any object in CAD (Computer Aided Design). From a simple object, like a circle, to a wine glass, hair-dryer, house plans, etc. There have been several versions of Autocad, and it is a good idea to sign up at Autodesk Students, where you will be able to obtain the software for free. The lecturer is involved in this process.

Accurate, scale drawings can be created. 2D and 3D models can also be created. It gives the designer full control over the design from start to finish. The computerised model can be viewed and rendered in various ways. This is truly a powerful application.

The Unisa syllabus

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD2000
  2. Organising your drawing setup
  3. Using coordinate system
  4. Creating objects with AutoCAD
  5. Editing methods in AutoCAD
  6. Using object snap in AutoCAD
  7. Controlling the drawing display
  8. Dimensioning in AutoCAD
  9. Working with text in AutoCAD
  10. Hatching in AutoCAD
  11. Calculating with AutoCAD
  12. Blocks and Xrefs in AutoCAD
  13. Plotting a drawing in AutoCAD
  14. Additional tasks in AutoCAD
  15. 3 Dimensional space in AutoCAD
  16. Creating solids in AutoCAD
  17. Meshed surfaces in AutoCAD
  18. Editing in 3D in AutoCAD
  19. Rendering in AutoCAD
  20. Working with paper space

The CAD161S textbook

Prescribed textbook

ISBN 1874940584
Title: An Introduction to AUTO CAD 2000
Author: WGF Beetge
Edition: 1st
Publisher: AFRITECH
Year published: 2003
Year prescribed: 2008

Recommended reading

The CAD161S exam

Past exam papers

The exam in Oct/Nov 2008

The paper consisted mostly of shortish questions. A model was given, with some of the commands, and one had to fill in the missing commands. We also had to write down how one would do certain things in Autocad, e.g. if you need to draw a square.

How to pass CAD161S

Study tips

Play around in Autocad, Practise. Memorise the commands and steps.

E.g. To chamfer a solid object:

  1. Type CHAMFER at the command line or from the Menu select Modify | Chamfer
  2. Select the edge of the base surface
  3. Specify the base surface distance
    • To select a different base, enter "n" or press <Enter> to use current surface
  4. Specify the adjacent surface distance
  5. Specify the edges to chamfer
  • This is a hands-on course. Practise. There are a lot of commands you need to remember for the exam. You must be able to write step by step how you will create your drawings, objects, views, etc. The list of commands is almost endless.

Useful links

Study notes

Download notes

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Student opinions

Student survey

Pros of CAD161S

  • This is such a powerful program. You learn how to draw from the most simple objects to the most amazing 3D objects. You can design anything in Autocad.
  • Use the different views, one can see how an object will look from a different angle.

Cons of CAD161S

  • This is only an introductory course, with insufficient material in the textbook.
  • The different versions of Autocad can cause a bit of confusion in the beginning.
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