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Administrative Law


Administrative law is that part of the law which govern organs of state or persons, either natural or juristic, exercising state authority, public powers or performing a public function.

The Unisa syllabus

  1. Describing Administrative Law
  2. The Administrative-Law Relationship
  3. The Legal Subject of The Administrative-Law Relationship
  4. The Sources of Administrative Law
  5. Administrative Action
  6. Just Administrative Action - Setting the Scene
  7. The Right to Lawful Administrative Action as Requirement for Valid Administrative Action
  8. The Constitutional Right to Reasonable Administrative Action
  9. The Right to Procedurally Fair Administrative Action
  10. The Right to be Given Written Reasons
  11. Internal Control of Administrative Action
  12. Judicial Control of Administrative Action and Remedies in Proceedings for Judicial Review

The ADL2601 textbook

Prescribed textbook

Book supplied by Unisa

Title: Administrative Law
Author: Margaret Beukes
Publisher: University of South Africa
Year published:
Year prescribed: 2011

Recommended reading

The ADL2601 exam

Past exam papers

The exam in May/June 2011

  • Individual Administrative Law Relationship
  • Administrative Action
  • Organ Of State
  • Principles governing Public Administration
  • Functus officio
  • Procedurally Fair Treatment
  • Locus Standi
  • Nemo iudex in sua causa
  • Judicial Remedies

How to pass ADL2601

Study tips

-These are comments from the discussion class-

  • Know the definition of: Administrative Action and Organ of State.It will be asked.
  • Study Reasonableness.
  • Relationship between a parent and child is NOT an Administrative Law Relationship.
  • Delegation is only permissible when it is authorized by statute.
  • Ulterior motives test: is an objective test.

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Philip The Crux Of Administrative Law 2011 Crux of ADL2601

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